The heat is on and it’s hot inside. Your air conditioner works hard to keep up with the mid-day heat. Many parts and components must work together to make your air conditioner go. During our seasonal maintenance check, a qualified technician will change filters, inspect the working components of your air conditioner, identify problems and failed parts, and make recommendations to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of your systems.

Not all AC system failures are a major problem. In fact, most breakdowns can be handled quickly and effectively by our trained technicians in our well stocked trucks. A good many of our service calls are resolved on the spot with the parts we carry. That means that your home will be comfortable again quickly!

Whether it’s maintaining your existing equipment to get the best possible efficiency or installing a new, energy saving system, Southern Seasons Heating & Air is there for you!

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Here’s a list of our HVAC Services

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • New/Remodeling installations
  • Efficiency Upgrades (get more from your existing A/C or Heat Pump)
  • Basement Systems
  • Replacement Equipment
  • Dual Fuel System Installation
  • Service Contracts
  • Humidifiers
  • Zone Control

Carbon monoxide/furnace safety reminder

Have your gas furnace examined for the safety of your family. Carbon monoxide (link to CDC) is a colorless, odorless by-product of burned gas, that displaces oxygen in the bloodstream. In the event of a problem with a gas water heater, furnace, or its duct system, CO can enter the air stream of the central air system. If this occurs at night while the victim is sleeping, the onset of symptoms such as headache, flush red face nausea and fatigue can go unnoticed. Long term or high exposure levels can lead to death.

Modern furnaces have safety features that can prevent most malfunctions. Still, the best way to prevent CO poisoning is to have your furnace/s inspected each season. If your furnace is located in a garage or near a water heater, CO from your car or water heater can enter through defective duct work. Our trained technicians can spot problems before they become a danger.

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