Southern Seasons Heating & Air has been a Trane dealer since 1996. We are qualified to install all makes and models of equipment, but we recommend Trane. Our slogan – “installing the best, repairing the rest” truly says it all. Since 1996 we have had less than 10 in-warranty parts failures on the Trane systems that we serviced. That says a lot about the quality of Trane products.

With reliability like that, why sell anything else? When considering replacement equipment for your home, consider the cost of maintenance and future repairs. Trane reliability is legendary! Trane repairs are few and far between, and often, when there is a problem; Trane covers not only the part but out of warranty labor as well. Now that’s a quality organization!

  • Affordable dual fuel systems for maximum savings, flexibility, and comfort.
  • SEER levels from a standard 13 up to 20.
  • Ground source heat pump SEER levels in the 20′s.
  • Humidification for dry winter days.
  • Trane Clean Effects air cleaners.
  • High performance thermostats add comfort and convenience.

Our customers appreciate the improved performance and quiet operation of a Trane Comfort System. Call today for an appointment and we will work with you to custom design a system that meets your needs and budget. Trane solutions are permanent solutions!

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