Cooling FAQs

Is it really so important to change the filter?
Yes! The efficiency of modern heating and air conditioning equipment is largely based on proper air flow.

Why is there ice on my coil/condenser?
A dirty filter or poorly designed duct system can cause refrigerant pressures to drop below the normal operating range. A refrigerant leak can also cause this symptom.

My dryer vent is located near my condenser/s. Is that a problem?
Yes! Depending on how close, the lint expelled from the dryer vent can easily be pulled into the condenser/heat pump and reduce airflow and efficiency.

If my A/C system is not performing/cooling well should I shut it off?
To be on the safe side, shut it off. This can also expedite repairs by allowing possible ice to melt before a technician arrives.

Do I really need to have my A/C system serviced?
An air conditioner runs many more hours than the average car. An A/C system is a big investment. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep it operating efficiently and to increase its usable life.

There is water dripping outside my window, what does that mean?
County code requires that, in attic installations, an emergency drain pan be fitted with an emergency shut-off switch or that it is drained to a “conspicuous” location, such as over a window. This indicates a problem with your A/C system that requires a qualified technician.

A few things you can try before you call for service!:

When you turn the fan to “On”, does it run? If not, make sure that the furnace door is secure and the power “light” switch is on. (Often a symptom of a recently changed filter.)

A dirty filter can cause a system to freeze up. Try changing the filter.
Is the thermostat set correctly – “calling for Cool?” Turn heat cool switch to “Cool.”
If you’re A/C is still out, call for quick, friendly service! 770-271-9694