~50% Energy savings at my house!

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Hi, I’m Jim,

We recently installed a new Trane True Comfort variable speed Heat Pump pared with a variable speed Gas Furnace.  The result has been nearly 50% energy savings! Our  Variable Speed Heat Pump rivals ground source efficiency without the expense and maintenance of a ground loop.  Most of the day our 4 ton heat pump runs at a speed that equals 1 ton.  The indoor fan runs slowly, so you don’t get the blast of air that used to keep us off of the couch (near the vent).  Nice to know the capacity is there when harsh Georgia weather arrives.  This is the perfect system to solve cold and hot spot issues too.  Zoning was made for this system, as the system adjusts capacity to the zones that are calling for air – no wasted energy.

Comfort: We installed this system for the savings, and it delivers, but the comfort is incredible!  My guests have there own thermostat in the spare bedroom!  The air in our home is slowly and continually circulated at the temperature that we choose.  No More Temperature Swings!!!  I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in our comfort.  The humidity is a perfect 50% in the summer time.  No sticky feeling air in my home!  In winter, the heat pump gently warms the air almost all of the time, so the temp remains consistent. without the drafty feeling of old inefficient heat pumps.

Control: We have the ultimate control over our environment.  From a cell phone or any web enabled computer we can control our HVAC system.  This is the Nexia system that makes our house a smart home, and is built into the  Trane Comfort Control. (see Nexia products here.  http://www.nexiahome.com/compatible-products )  There are many Nexia options to explore that add security, convenience, and peace of mind to your daily routine.  HVAC control is always free, additional smart home controls are subject to a small monthly fee.

Savings: Since we installed our Trane True Comfort system we have been saving almost half of our previous heating and cooling bills.  We no longer worry about bumping the thermostat a degree or two to be comfortable.  We know it won’t have a big impact on our bill.

Cost: While there is an upfront investment involved in this type of system, there is large ongoing energy savings to consider, and the comfort… is hard to put a price on.  Georgia Power rebates for this system $750.00 for heat pump and thermostats.

Our personal rating on this technology:  Two happy faces!!


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